Why us?

Our lawyers, because:

  • we already established more than 2089 various enterprises  (UAB, MB and etc.) (2020.10.31);
  • we work with 5 notary’s offices;
  • we respond to requests on the same working day;
  • we have low turnover rate;
  • all signed confidentiality agreements;
  • all of us have higher education;
  • we provide documents speedily through electronic systems;
  • we communicate via Skype, Viber, WhatsApp programs;
  • provide civilized prices. We do not invest in leather furniture or golden pencils;
  • we speak Lithuanian, Russian and English.

Our accounting, because:

  • our accounts are seasonal; they decrease automatically, if customers have less work;
  • we have experience. Accountants work with 192 regular customers: UAB – 85, MB – 103 and other – 4 (2020.10.31);
  • we provide necessary documents for free;
  • we are responsible for our work and have insurance for 10000 €;
  • we accept documents by e-mail;
  • accountant’s allow to use accounting software;
  • you can terminate the contract at any time;
  • our accountants raise their qualification not less 4 times per year;
  • we get a lot of positive reviews from our customers;


  • Leading team of lawyers and accountants in the Baltic countries.


  • Provide high-quality accounting and legal services. To help entrepreneurs realize their dreams.