Share rewriting


  • from 149 € (VAT included))


  • 7 working days

Information and procedure

  • The transfer of shares is formalized by a contract, which requires a simple written or notarial form. Since 2015 January 1 Article 1.74 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania. 1 d. 3 p. it is provided that for UAB share purchase and sale agreements, when 25 percent or more of UAB shares are sold or the sale price of UAB shares exceeds EUR 14,500, such transactions are registered with a notary or account manager.

Shares are transferable if

  • fully paid;
  • the company whose shares are transferred or the articles of association, which increase the authorized capital of the company, are registered in the Register of Legal Entities.

Procedure for the transfer of shares of a private limited company

  • notification of the shareholder to the company about the intention to sell the shares;
  • notification of the company to other shareholders about the stated intention to sell the company’s shares;
  • notification by shareholders of the wish to exercise the pre-emptive right to acquire the transferable shares of the company or the refusal to exercise this right;
  • signing a share transfer transaction;
  • registration of changed data on the company’s shareholders.

Share transfer transaction and required documents

The share purchase and sale agreement is subject not only to the general requirements of the agreements, but also to specific requirements that must be complied with. The share purchase agreement of a private limited company must contain the name, legal form, its code, registered office, number of shares to be transferred by classes and nominal value of the company whose shares are being transferred. In the absence of this data, the share purchase and sale transaction is void.share rewriting

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