Company with transport license (without manager)


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  •  30 working days


  • According to Article 7 of the Road Transport Code of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter – CCT). 2 d. the carrier is a company registered in accordance with the procedure established by law and entitled to transport cargo. Therefore, the first step is to choose the form of activity and to set up a company whose purpose is to engage in commercial freight transport activities.
  •  Popular forms of companies in Lithuania are sole proprietorships, small partnerships and joint-stock companies. But the most popular would still be a private limited company.
  • Transport license – a permit to engage in cargo or passenger transport activities. A license to carry passengers or cargo is issued to companies.
  • A separate copy of the license shall be removed for each vehicle (a copy need not be removed for semi-trailers and trailers). Copies of the license must be kept in the vehicle, while the license itself must be kept at the carrier’s registered office.
  •  The transport license is issued for ten years, but once you have received the license, you must take a copy of the license for the vehicle within one month, failing which the license will be revoked. After the revocation of the license, the company can apply for a new license only after one year. A copy of the license is valid as long as the transport license is valid.
  • The license shall be issued within 30 days of receipt of the application and all necessary documents by the licensing authority. The license shall be renewed or refused within the same period (with written reasons.

Required documents

  • An application in the prescribed form;
  • Identity document or a copy thereof (if a natural person seeks a license);
  • The certificate of professional competence of the transport manager of the carrier or a copy certified by the carrier;
  • Documents proving the proper financial standing of the carrier. Legal persons shall submit an annual balance sheet or a copy certified by the carrier; natural persons – equity statement;
  • If the driver and / or transport manager has previously resided in another Member State of the European Union, a document certifying good repute, usually a certificate issued by the competent authorities stating that the person concerned has not been prosecuted or prosecuted;
  • Personal reputation questionnaire;
  • Certificate of criminal record (no criminal record);
  • The employment contract of the transport manager or the contract with the person authorized to perform the duties of the transport manager, or a copy thereof certified by the carrier;
  • The documents certifying the right to the parking place of the road vehicles used and the parking plan or copies thereof certified by the carrier;
  • Documents confirming the right to the carrier’s control center, if the carrier’s control center does not coincide with the registered office or place of residence of the carrier, if the carrier is a natural person (Resolution No. 1434 – Rules) 16 p.).

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