Admission of MB members


  • from 49 € (VAT included)


  •  5-7 working days

MB member rights

To transfer the rights of a member in accordance with the procedure established by the regulations and laws of the MB:

  • To voluntarily withdraw from MB;
  • To convene a meeting of MB members (right of initiative);
  • To participate and vote at the meeting of MB members;
  • To give a simple written power of attorney to another MB member to represent him / her in voting at the MB members’ meeting;
  • To receive benefits as an advance profit from MB funds for their personal needs and as a part of MB profit for a period shorter than the financial year;
  • To get acquainted with MB documents in accordance with the procedure established in the regulations.


  • The regulations of a small partnership must specify, among other things, the procedure for admitting new members to the partnership. Thus, new members are admitted in accordance with the procedure provided for in the statutes of the small community, and the admission of new members does not require the provisions themselves to be amended or re-registered.
  • Article 61 of the Law on Small Communities. Stipulates that small partnerships (MBs) must submit data on MB members to the Legal Entity Participants Information System (JADIS) in accordance with the procedure established in the JADIS regulations.

Required documents

  • MB member’s name, surname, personal identification code;
  • Residence or correspondence address of the MB member. If the MB member has indicated his / her place of residence and address for correspondence to the association, only the address for correspondence shall be provided to the JADIS manager;
  • Date of becoming a member of the MB and date of termination of membership;
  • MB member contribution amount (when the contribution is monetary) and / or value (when the contribution is non-monetary).

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