Changing the manual


  • from 99 € (VAT included)


  • 7 working days

Information and procedure

  • The decision to change the head of the company (UAB, MB, etc.) is made by the competent body (general meeting of shareholders / members, board). The adopted decision must be submitted for registration to the Register of Legal Entities not later than within 5 calendar days from the date of the decision. The Register of Legal Entities shall register the changed data within 3 working days
  • When changing the head of a company (UAB, MB, etc.), it is expedient to transfer all documents of the company (UAB, MB, etc.), bank account balances, by drawing up transfer-acceptance acts. Authorization is required to change the manual remotely.

Required documents

  • Company statement from the State Enterprise Center of Registers;
  • Articles of Association;
  • List of Shareholders / Members;
  • Details of the new manager;
  • Other additional information.

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