JADIS (Information system for participants in legal entities)

The purpose of the Information System for Participants of Legal Entities (hereinafter referred to as JADIS) is to collect data on participants in legal entities by means of information technology and to provide them to natural and legal persons entitled to receive them. JADIS currently collects data on shareholders of private limited companies, members of small partnerships, shareholders of public institutions, members and shareholders of agricultural companies and members of cooperatives (cooperatives), shareholders of charitable and support funds that are non-governmental organizations, full members of real partnerships. and full members and limited partners of limited partnerships.

When should a list of participants be provided to JADIS?

  • 1) When a new company is established. In the case of the establishment of a UAB, the JADIS system only needs to be notified of the members when the UAB has more than one founder (shareholder), and if the founder is only one person, then the register automatically transmits the shareholder data to the JADIS system.
  • 2) When the list of shareholders (members) changes. Possible reasons for the change in the list of shareholders are the sale of part or all of the company’s shares to other shareholders or by reducing and increasing the authorized capital.
  •  3) If the company is older (registered before 2014). Prior to the establishment of the JADIS system, private limited companies had to submit a list of shareholders to the register itself, but after the creation of a new system of participants, the old lists of UAB shareholders did not move to JADIS (except when there is only one shareholder).