Public institution


  • 669 €


  • 6-7 working days

After setting up the public institution and concluding agreement of bookkeeping with us, we will provide you with 50 Eur discount for accounting.

Public Institution

Is a non-profit limited liability public legal entity, whose purpose – to satisfy public interest in education, training and scientific, cultural, health care, environmental protection, sports development, social or legal assistance, as well as other public benefit. Public bodies profits can only be used to meet public interests.


  • Limited liability;
  • Access to support;
  • It can be transformed into a charity and support fund;
  • Unlimited number of founders;
  • Full liability agreements with the heads of institutions;
  • Head office for an indefinite period.

Foreigner purchases

We can sell you a company without your PRESENSE (advance payment required and client has to cover postal expenses).

Since 2004-12-15 based on State Taxation Inspection order No.: VA-189  a legal person who has registered a new company must within 5 days from announcing registration in tax registry present required evidence where a note needs to be submitted indicating a company or accountant responsible for company’s accounting.

Prices include VAT.

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