Branch or representative office


  • 1299 €


  • 5-6 working days

Required data


  • The certificate of registration;
  • Founder’s data (name of the company, address. Founder’s: name, surname, id, address);
  • If the owner is an individual, the consent is approved by the notary;
  • If the owner is a legal entity – the consent of the director with a signature and stamp;
  • If the premises are pledged to the bank, the consent of the bank;
  • Information about what activities the branch / representative office will be engaged in.

Register of Legal Entities will be completed in the form of a – SG1 and – SG2.

Branch is set up and / or representative:

  • Documents are compiled in 2 languages (Lithuanian / foreign language);
  • Owner’s consent to provide facilities for establishing branch and / or representative offices;
  • Copy of the passport.

The price includes:

  • Documents;
  • Consulting;
  • Notary fee;
  • Register Centre fee.

Foreigner purchases

We can sell you a company without your PRESENSE (advance payment required and client has to cover postal expenses).

Since 2004-12-15 based on State Taxation Inspection order No.: VA-189  a legal person who has registered a new company must within 5 days from announcing registration in tax registry present required evidence where a note needs to be submitted indicating a company or accountant responsible for company’s accounting.

Prices include VAT.

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